MYWE Tour Day 7: MYWE meet MAYO~

I’ve been an orchestra girl all my life… but in the past week, I’ve fallen in love with Wind Ensemble. There is a certain magic among MYWE players. Certainly the tour magic is buzzing. We have just  finished day 7 of our tour and the feeling of comradery and family is high! Lifelong friendships have been formed.


Day 7-another long day. We started with a visit to the National Museum of Country Life. A fascinating journey about discovering what Irish Country life was like between 1850 and 1950. The weather today was stunning, so student also enjoyed the beautiful outdoor grounds of the museum.



Afterwards, we returned to our wonderful Hotel,(Hotel Castlecourt in Westport) for a group lunch. A “carver” lunch of different meats, salmon and Irish Stew… with potatoes of course. (everything in Ireland is served with potatoes!)

Following Lunch students enjoyed some brief time to relax at the hotel before we headed off to meet our new friends in the Mayo Youth Orchestra. What a delight! we rehearsed our joint pieces with them in an afternoon organized by the Whistleblast Group. Once again, the universal language of music brought us all together. After rehearsals, student enjoyed playing soccer- or really football;)



This second half of the day was spent at the Saint Patrick School for boys. A lovely elementary school. That also has a life-size chess board in the courtyard- so you can imagine we have a few games of chess today as well!



The Musical finale of our tour was held in the main hall at the school where locals of all ages joined us. The Mayo Youth Orchestra performing first( including the theme from James Bond!) followed by MYWE and then our joint performance. Our student were sensational.






A quick trip back to our hotel were many MYWE student celebrated with a Pool Party and then it was time to pack again for our 6:30 am wake up call!!


Sweet Dreams.

Rebecca Bogers

NEC Prep Director

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