Time to ship off to Boston!

Hello Everyone,

Here we are on the last day of the tour. What an amazing time we have had together as a group! We are currently waiting in Paris for our flight back to Boston. As luck would have it, there is a piano right here at our gate. The students have been putting on quite the concert here for a very impressed audience. Here is a picture of George Hu playing at our gate.


Moving back to our final day in Budapest yesterday, we had a music filled day complete with an elegant dinner in the heart of the city. We began our day at the Bartók house, which is a beautiful home nestled in a tranquil section of Budapest. It was wonderful to view so many of his beloved furniture pieces and music scores. After viewing Bartók’s house we traveled to Kodály’s apartment, a well known composer, music educator, and colleague of Bartók. Also that afternoon we visited the newly renovated Liszt Academy. The concert hall here is incredibly beautiful and has great acoustics.


We ended our day with a walk around the scenic Buda castle and an elegant dinner complete with live gypsy music.

Now for a few final words from one of our students.

5 Things about my day on the Piano Tour with Varun Nambikrishnan

1. What was your favorite part of the day?
All of the laughter and fun filled bus rides

2. What was a surprise to you?
What a great roommate Jeffrey is.

3. What was your favorite view of the day?
The view from the balcony of the Liszt Apartment

4. What was your favorite food that you ate today?
Chicken with paprika

5. What was your favorite quote you heard someone say today?
“Wait…. I don’t get it.” – Jacquelyn

As our trip is coming to an end, we could not be any more proud of these students. The have represented themselves and the NEC Prep School with a high level of class and professionalism.

We will see you all back in Boston!



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