A Day in Mozart’s House

Hello Everyone,

We are at the end of another day here in Vienna. What an amazing and inspiring day it has been. How many people can say that they got to spend their Saturday walking around Mozart’s apartment and then playing a concert at his house? Not too many I would guess, but that is how the students spent their day.

With some time scheduled for the students to practice this morning we traveled to Mozarthaus early this afternoon. While visiting the Mozarthaus we toured around looking at original manuscripts of Mozart’s compositions, letters and how he spent his time at home with his family. I found it very inspiring to be able to look out of the windows of Mozart’s apartment knowing that this was his view while composing.

Later in the afternoon we proceeded downstairs in Mozarthaus where the Bösendorfer-Saal is located. All of the students had the chance to practice in the hall before the concert. Below you will find pictures of Varun Nambikrishnan and Jacquelyn Ho rehearsing before the concert.



After the rehearsals were over the students got ready while the concert hall began to fill up very quickly. There were no empty seats for the concert and standing room only. Some of the students and parents who were at the concert last night, at the Musikschule Margareten, came to support the students tonight. It was so wonderful to have them come and support our students.

The concert went very well and the students played beautifully. We are all very proud of their accomplishments and the audience was impressed by the students as well.


After the concert, we had the pleasure of having dinner with the families of the Musikschule Margareten at a restaurant near the Mozarthaus. Watching the students mingle together from both schools as they get to know each other has been a joy to watch. What a great comradery that has been created between the two schools!

As always, until tomorrow!


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