2014 Piano Department Tour – Vienna & Budapest

Welcome NEC Community to the 2014 Piano Tour Blog! 


Check in here to follow our adventures while we are abroad in Vienna and Budapest.  We are very excited for our departure tomorrow from Boston to Vienna.  This evening, we are making final preparations, packing our suitcases and the students are polishing their performance repertoire.  We will be posting stories, pictures and more items here on this site while we are overseas.       

While we are in Vienna and Budapest, our students will be performing in several venues.  They will have an exciting collaborative concert with the students of the Musikschule Margareten in Vienna, as well as a performance at the Bösendorfer-Saal in Mozarthaus.  In Budapest, some of the students will have the opportunity to take part in a masterclass at the Bartók Conservatory, with pianist, Gabor Eckhardt , a faculty member at the Liszt Academy.  As a finale to our trip, the students will have their final concert at the Bartók Conservatory. 

We will also have the pleasure of visiting many musical landmarks along our journey.  In Vienna, we will visit The Wiener Musikverein, the Beethoven Pasqualatihaus and travel to Haydnkirche in Eisenstadt. In Budapest, we will visit the Liszt Apartment, Bartók Memorial House and the Kodály Apartment.  There are many more places and adventures on our itinerary and we look forward to sharing them all with you here. 

Best wishes,

Corey King
Program and Operations Manager, NEC Preparatory School



Below you will find pictures of the students at the 2014 Piano Tour Send-off Concert that took place earlier this month in Jordan Hall:

Image Varun Nambikrishnan, NEC Prep Student


Image Ellen Askey, NEC Prep. Student

Image Julian Grabarek, NEC Prep. Student

Image All of the students participating in the Piano Department Tour


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One Response to 2014 Piano Department Tour – Vienna & Budapest

  1. Have a great trip!! Jealous I’m not with all of you.

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