Happy Thanksgiving from the NEC Prep staff!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Because we will all miss you so terribly over Thanksgiving Break (Fri. 11/29 and Sat. 11/30), we, the NEC Prep staff, would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you!

Lisa "petting" a mini double bass during last year's String Petting Zoo!

Lisa “petting” a mini double bass during last year’s String Petting Zoo!

Lisa Husseini, Concert Ensemble Manager
Hometown: Stoughton, MA (where the IKEA is)
Where you can find her on a Saturday: At the desk on your right at the St. Botolph Prep office, or checking on a rehearsal of one of the 20 large ensembles she oversees!
Education: NEC Preparatory School; BM in Flute Performance – The Hartt School; Exchange Student – Conservatorium van Amsterdam; MM in Flute Performance – New England Conservatory
About me: “I grew up in Stoughton, MA and lived there until I moved away to Hartford, CT for college. During my Junior year in college on a complete whim I moved to Amsterdam for 6 months and studied at the Conservatory there. I hope that I have the chance to live in Amsterdam again one day. Even though I am from Boston and have lived on the East Coast most of my life, I am also a Lebanese citizen and half of my family lives in Lebanon. When I am not working or sleeping, I am usually reading, exploring Boston, practicing flute, watching the Walking Dead, or taking a spinning class with the other NEC Prep staff members!”
As an NEC Prep student, Lisa played in Jr. MYWE and toured with Sr. MYWE (flute AND piano). As an NEC graduate student, Lisa was the manager of YRO and YPO. Her younger brother, Jamal, is continuing the NEC family legacy, as is a current member of both Youth Brass Ensemble and Brass Chamber Music.
Favorite part of NEC Prep: “For me it’s all about the first day of the school year. Returning students are reuniting with old friends, new students are unsure of what to expect, music is being passed out, introductions are being made, and the school is full of excitement. I can still remember my first day as an NEC Prep student, arriving at Jr. MYWE rehearsal in Williams Hall on a Friday in early September. I was terrified. Little did I know that over the next 5 years I would receive some of my most valuable musical instruction and form some of my best friendships within the walls of the Jordan Hall building. It is so exciting and inspiring to watch students start their journey at the beginning of each year, knowing what amazing experiences wait for them during their time at NEC.”
Favorite nearby food and drink: “Flour Bakery, right behind Back Bay Station, has the best BLT in Boston (I might even argue the world). They also make a homemade raspberry seltzer that is the perfect drink in the summer.”
P.S. Lisa likes her coffee black. Sometimes with a splash of soy, but definitely with no sugar.

Ana eating a gluten free snack in Chascomús, during YPO's Argentina Tour last summer!

Ana before digging into a gluten-free snack in Chascomús, during YPO’s Argentina Tour last summer!

Ana Lorenzo, Department Coordinator
Hometown: Verona, New Jersey
Where you can find her on a Saturday: At the desk on your left in the St. Botolph Prep office.
Education: The Juilliard School Pre-College Division; BM in Percussion Performance – Manhattan School of Music; Exchange Student – Conservatorium van Amsterdam (coincidentally just like Lisa!); MM in Marimba Performance – The Boston Conservatory; Alexander Technique Teaching Certificate (ATI) – The Boston Conservatory (current student!)
About me: “I grew up just outside of NYC in New Jersey. I was born there and raised Filipino-American, by Filipino immigrant parents, who moved here from Romania (my mom is a former diplomat). I began my musical studies at age 3 on piano, and I tried all woodwind instruments (except for flute – still can’t make a sound come out of that one), before finding my musical home as a percussionist, specializing in marimba. I am passionate about performing and commissioning new music. I am a faculty member for the NEC School of Continuing Education at 77 Arts Academy in Acton and for the MESDA group based at Harvard University. In addition to performing and teaching, I’ve found a new love for arts administration and am looking forward to all of the opportunities this lifestyle has to offer. When I’m not doing music related things, I’m training to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique (be my guinea pig!) and I love over eating and sleeping in. I also love to move around! Yoga, indoor cycling classes, pumping iron, barre, etc. Just don’t put me on a treadmill. Treadmills and caterpillars are my greatest fears.”
Favorite part of NEC Prep: “Saturdays! Getting to know all the Prep families, my lovely coworkers and work-studies, and in particular – I love working with families of musical beginners. I am especially inspired by non-music-playing parents of young children who encourage and support their children to pursue music. I feel honored to help these families get started on their life-long musical paths together.”
Favorite nearby food and drink: “Anything that fits the following criteria – gluten-free, nut-free (allergies!!!), and delicious! Particularly Symphony Sushi’s Fancy Sake Don. And I have a serious guilty pleasure for mocha coolatas from Dunkin (and Domino’s Pizza)…”

CoreyCorinne “Corey” King, Program and Operations Manager
Hometown: Jamestown, NY, birthplace of Lucille Ball
Where you can find her on a Saturday: At the Jordan Hall field office, JH 106… or fixing everyone’s problems – musical or not, or making everyone laugh!
Education: BM in Vocal Performance – Otterbein College; MS in Arts Administration – Boston University
About me:  “I am the Program and Operations Manager for the Prep. School. I moved to Boston in the summer of 2006 to pursue my Masters Degree from Boston University and I have been here ever since. When I am not in the office I enjoy going to a Red Sox game (I am a big Sox fan) or a hockey game, trying a new restaurant in the city, going to the opera or ballet, and I even make my own soap and candles. I am very close to my family and I try to go home as much as I can to visit them (including my extended family) in Western NY. Some things you might not know about me, I love classic rock, I play the guitar, I played the French horn for 9 years, and I have the most adorable nephew. I also love classic muscle cars.  My top three dream cars are a 1971 Pontiac GTO, a 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, and a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle.”
Favorite part of NEC Prep: “Coming in early on Saturday morning and seeing the String Training Orchestra (STO) orchestra warming up. They are so adorable.”
Favorite nearby food and drink: “Thornton’s Restaurant, I love their stuffed French Toast!”
Corey also loves non-fat white mochas from Starbucks and Chicken Pad Thai from Pho & I. #justsayin

ShirleyShirley Leiphon, Associate Director
Hometown:  Devils Lake, North Dakota
Where you can find her on a Saturday: At her office in the St. Botolph Prep office, or helping to ensure everything runs smoothly!
Education: BS in Music Education – North Dakota State University; MM in Vocal Performance – Boston University; DMA Candidate (ABD) in Vocal Performance – University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
About me: “I grew up on a farm in North Dakota where my family still lives. My background in music is as a singer but I also play the piano and played clarinet and tenor sax in high school. I’m brand new here at NEC – I previously was the Administrative Director for the Boston University Tanglewood Institute (BUTI). Prior to coming to Boston I lived in Minneapolis, MN where I taught private voice at a local high school and sang with the Minnesota Opera as well as had solo performances in the area as well as across the United States. I love animals and have a 3 year old lab/border collie mix named Kirby (or as like to call him – the Kirbinator). I try to volunteer as often as I can with the rescue where I got Kirby and have also fostered puppies for adoption from the rescue. Other interests outside of music include movies, books, and cooking.”
Favorite part of NEC Prep: “The warm and friendly staff and faculty that support and make-up the program! I’ve been here only two weeks and everyone has been so welcoming and helpful.”
Favorite nearby food and drink: “Hmmmm…not sure yet. I need to explore the area a bit more before I can commit to any place officially.  :)”
Shirley began working for NEC Prep about 2 weeks ago! She is the newest member of our team and we are thrilled to have her!

RebeccaRebecca Bogers, Director
Hometown: Newton, MA
Where you can find her on a Saturday: Everywhere all at once!
Education: Newton South High School; NEC Preparatory School; BM in Harp Performance – New England Conservatory; MM in Harp Performance – Temple University
About me: “For me, NEC is home. My parents are artists and wanted to ‘see the world’ when we were younger so we lived all over in only the best places. The Netherlands, (where my father’s side of the family is from), New Mexico, Colorado, Italy. After that my musical studies have taken me around the globe, the one place I have always returned to is NEC.  My NEC experience began in the String Training Orchestras on violin. Later, when we moved back to the Boston area for high school, I was no longer a violinist but had begun studying harp at age 10. I had a chance to be a member in YRO, YS, YPO and with friends across town BYSO (formally GYBSO). I will never forget the summer after my junior year when I finally put everything together and my path seemed clear. It was a summer filled with musical friendships first on a YPO tour to Cuba and Venezuela and then six weeks at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. This is when I became aware of the power of music to bring people together and how exciting studying music with other could be. I went on to study Harp Performance at NEC and later pursued a Masters at Temple University in Philadelphia. Once again it was my junior year(this time in college) where things revealed themselves. I was attempting to double major in musicology and performance while working as a work-study student in the NEC Prep Office. The excitement of young students studying music was intoxicating. Though I later worked briefly with the Philadelphia Orchestra in their Operations and Personnel Offices and taught music in the Philadelphia Public Schools, my heart remained in education and I was thrilled to return home to NEC just over five years ago. Harp has remained central to my musical life, I enjoy teaching playing and currently serving as the President for Boston’s Chapter of the American Harp Society. Recently I’ve also found a new passion in exercise-be it spinning, running or working with my trainer! I enjoy Tuesday afternoons in particular when some of the other NEC Prep Staff members and I all go to a spinning class together.”
Rebecca also holds one of the most (if not the most) epic NEC careers of all time. As mentioned, she started as a violinist in STO, made her way up to YPO as a harpist, went to NEC as an undergrad, was YRO, YS, and YPO manager as a work-study, then hired in August 2008 as NEC Prep’s Concert Ensemble Manager (Lisa’s current position), then became the Assistant Director, then the Interim Director, and is now the Director! Fun fact: She was also the interim director of NEC’s School of Continuing Education (SCE) for 3 months.
Favorite part of NEC Prep: “The people! Be its students, faculty, families, or my fantastic colleagues, I constantly feel surrounded by wonderful spirits. It can be such a joy to watch and be a part of everyone’s musical journey and to see the incredible teaching and exploration that happens at NEC. Here, we really are all one family!”
Favorite nearby food and drink: “The smoothies from Temptations are always a nice refreshment and you will often find me ordering the Salmon Combo from Symphony Sushi.”
Also, in case you’re wondering. Rebecca doesn’t drink coffee – but she does love hot chocolate!

Happy Thanksgiving! We will miss you! See you again on December 6 & 7.

Happy Thanksgiving! We will miss you! See you again on December 6 & 7.

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