NEC Prep Chamber Music Begins

NEC Prep Week 2 has come and flown by. This week saw an exciting start to the NEC Prep Smaller Ensembles including sonata duo, piano duo, jazz ensembles and chamber music ensembles of all instruments and sizes!IMG_5940

“NEC Prep chamber music is a place where students join in learning some of the most powerful pieces in the repertoire. It demands a high level of artistic exploration, creativity, and expression from each member,” shares our Chamber Music Faculty Chair, Laura Blustein. “Playing chamber music is a great way to meet new friends and fellow musicians. Some of our NEC Prep chamber groups play together for years. Their friendships grow and it is a huge part of their lives.”

Yesterday over 50 different ensembles met for the first time with their coaches and got ready to do just that.  Introducing you to all of them would take a blog of its own.


Among the returning groups was the Brioso Trio-Hannah Ryu on violin, Evan Hsu on Cello and Andrew Li on Piano. Having formed last year they are coached by Laura Blustein and recently performed on From the Top. They traveled together last June to San Marcos, Texas for the tapping. You can check out their show on the From the Top Website. Wonder what year two holds for this group? That’s part of the fun!

Many new groups are in the wings. Piano Trios, Cello Quartets, String Quartets, Brass Quintets, Flute trios, Harp Ensemble and the list goes on. Some young, some old, but all wonderful musicians.


We have a very special honors group this year a Septet that will be working on Beethoven’s Septet in E-flat, Op. 20. The piece is scored for violin, viola, cello, bass, clarinet, bassoon and horn.  Made up of some of our wonderful YPO players(Olivia, Teal, Sophie, Ormay, Colin, Jay and Ethan) this group will be working with two of our new Chamber Music Faculty members, cellist, Judith Serkin and bassoonist, Tom Novak. Here is a peek at their first rehearsal through the window.


With 13 weeks left to go in the semester, groups are now all hard at work.  They will have their first chance to share their music during the Winter Chamber Music Festival on January 26, 2014. To fit them all in we will have to run four concert halls at once!



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