YPO Liftoff

Welcome to the NEC Prep Blog (or welcome back to our followers). Today our Youth Philharmonic Orchestra took flight as they head off to Argentina for their 9 -day concert tour.  Later this week, the Youth Symphony will journey to Costa Rica for their tour, so you will see many upcoming blog posts from both groups.

Having come together for the first time last September, YPO has been preparing under the leadership of David Loebel and Hugh Wolff for our Argentina tour all year. We first rehearsed Bernstein’s Candide on September 15, 2012. YPO will travel through-out Argentina giving two concerts in Buenos Aires, one in Rosario and one in Chascomous with an Argentinian Orchestra. For this last concert there will be over 160 musicians playing Candide together!

Our first hour started bight and early, checking the group in at Logan Airport. Checking an Orchestra in of this size is no small feat. In addition to the 100 members of the group and all of their personal bags, we have 23 large music trunks traveling with us. This includes 10 cello trunks and 4 bass trunks – they are huge! We will be renting some equipment upon arrival including timpani and harps, but we packed up the rest to fly under our plane.

Clearing security many students grabbed lunch while we waiting to board the plane. While waiting at our gate the entire orchestra burst into song singing Happy Birthday to viola member, Antonia Eidmann! She turns 16 today. Once on the plane we had to make sure that our countless violins, violas, bassoons, trombones(and the list goes on) good safe fit in the overhead compartments! We have to give a big shout out to the entire United Airlines crew who graciously assisted all our students and made sure all passengers and instruments were safely on the flight! The plane took off to Houston safely and we are flying via Canada to avoid a weather system in the middle of the country.


Hasta Luego!

Rebecca Bogers

NEC Prep Director

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One Response to YPO Liftoff

  1. Pauline E. Duncan says:

    Loved hearing all about your adventures thus far. Amazed that so many students and instruments were all safely packed aboard the plane – some excellent planning and execution of those plans, for sure! How I’d love to attend even one of those concerts (sigh), but at least I was able to attend the wonderful concerts performed here in Boston. Thank so much for all the effort and special thanks to our magnificent talented orchestra!! Travel in safety! Blessings! Polly Duncan

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