Tour Update from MYWE Manager, Ezra Weller

Welcome to the Sr. MYWE Poland Tour 2012 blog! As we start our first full day in Poland, everyone seems in good spirits. A good night’s sleep was needed after all the bus and plane rides yesterday. Both the Warsaw (Warszawa in Polish) and Wroclaw airports were beautiful, and our luggage suffered no casualties. After landing, we met our Polish tour guide Isabella and headed over to the Mercure Panorama Hotel.

After a few hours of free time, we gathered the group together and walked around the edge of the “fan zone” for the European Football Championship to arrive at a local restaurant for dinner. Sitting in a dining room decorated with various traditional paintings and interesting ceramics, we were all happy to receive a delicious meal of pierogi, potatoes, chicken and salad (or salmon for those allergic to fowl!).

After dinner came more free time. Some chose to watch the football game, experiencing it alongside the crowd of Polish football fans who, while sad that their country’s team was out of the tournament, remained excited to watch the game. The upset of Germany by Italy was certainly a surprise to me, but I have an Italian friend back in Boston who will be pleased!

It was an eleven o’clock curfew, and everyone I spoke with was happy to slip into bed. We’re looking forward to today and our first concert tonight.

-Ezra Weller, Sr. MYWE Manager

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