The Tour According to tour Students #3

5 Things about the Tour with Minji Kwon, Sunday, 6/24/2012

1. What was your favorite part of the day?
Lunch, we ate at a great restaurant near the Opera Garnier

2.  What was a surprise to you?
Some people want to have their hearts cut out when they die. This is in regards to Chopin’s request to his family upon his death.  He asked them to make sure that his heart was cut out when he died so they knew for sure he was dead before he was buried.

3. What was your favorite view of the day?
The Opera Garnier.  This Opera house is so beautiful.

4. What was your favorite food that you ate today?
Escargot, aka snails.  I group of students and I tried escargot for our first time at lunch today. 

5. What was your favorite quote you heard someone say?
“Oh look, there are a pair of pants by the trees over there!”

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