Great Experiences in Paris

We all have been having a wonderful time here in Paris and our days have been jam-packed with activities.  There is so much to tell you about the things we have done and the places we have seen that I could go on for hours talking about it.  Since I don’t have that kind of time this morning I will do my best to summarize the past few days for you. 

The first item to share with you as our wonderful Masterclass with Adam Wibrowski at the Polish Library.  He was so great with the students.  He kept them engaged with his wit and insightful pieces of musical knowledge about Chopin’s compositions.  The four students that played for him, Phuongnghi Pham, Brittany Rodriguez, Nicholas Griffiths, and Daniel Kim, all did very well. Professor Wibrowski was impressed with their preparation and abilities.  Overall, a wonderful experience for all that were in attendance. 

Another highlight from that day was after the Masterclass in the Chopin Room of the Polish Library.  In this room we found Chopin’s 1839 Pleyel piano, the actual piano that is printed on out tour t-shirts.  All of the students had the amazing opportunity to play on this historical piano.  That was a moment we will never forget. 

Below you will find a list of places we have visited over the last three days.  This might help to explain the large number of places we have seen so far.
-The Notre Dame Cathedral
-Père-Lachaise Cemetary (where Chopin is buried)
-La place Vendôme (where Chopin died)
-Opera Garnier
-The Musée du Louvre
-The Pleyel Piano Factory
-Sacré-Coeur de Montmartre

An incredible list is it not?  There are so many stories from each location that I do not know where to begin.  One thing I will share was a poetic day we had on Sunday, the day of the student’s concert at L’église Saint Julien le Pauvre. 

It was a rainy dreary day here in Paris and we visited Chopin’s gravesite, the apartment where he died, and the cathedral where his funeral took place.  The weather was strangely appropriate to visit these places.  Later that evening after the student’s performance, who all played incredibly well by the way, we left the church and the skies where no longer rainy and dark.  There was a beautiful sunset instead.  It was interesting to experience the sad days of Chopin’s life in the dreary rain and the beauty of our student’s performance amongst the most colorful Paris sky. 

More to come soon as well as some pictures this evening…


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