The Tour According to our Students #1

5 Things about the Tour with Erika Madrian, Friday, 6/22/2012

1. What was your favorite part of the day?
Musée d’Orsay was my favorite part of the day.  Although we were all exhausted and it took us a while to regain our interest in art after climbing five flights of stairs, the impressionist exhibit was fantastic.  It was such a cool experience to stumble across a piece of art I’ve known my whole life, or even a painting that I have a copy of in my room at home.

2.  What was a surprise to you?
I was surprised at how different the culture is here.  I’ve been to Europe before, so I thought I knew what I was up against. There was a guy reading a book while driving on the freeway, which (I hope) you wouldn’t see on the Autobahn.  I don’t know any French, but I expected everyone would know English and start using it as soon as they realized we were tourists.  This was not the case, people kept speaking rapid fire French as we smiled and nodded hoping they understood our food orders.  My favorite example is when cranberry juice and crème brûlée got confused with our waiter.

3. What was your favorite view of the day?
Driving into Paris from the Airport we went past the Stade de France, the football (soccer) stadium.  The architecture was really cool to see up close and personal with the city in the background.  Especially with the Euro Cup getting close this was exciting to see!

4. What was your favorite food that you ate today?
Probably the lasagna on the airplane….. no that is not true, it was actually the tomato soup with pesto at dinner.  This was easily the best I have ever had, not that I’ve had a lot of, “Non-Campbell’s,” tomato soup in my life.  It was good…. yumm….! 

5. What fun fact did you learn about one of your fellow students today?
My roommate Erica Loh and I, aside from sharing names, have many similarities.  We both play the piano and we both live in the Greater Boston area.  When we were little, I lived in Illinois and she lived in Missouri, so we were practically neighbors. Our hobbies also include making Erica/Erika sandwiches  with other students by standing on either side of a person who is expecting only a picture of themselves in front of a Parisian landmark.  They then receive a gift much greater due to our presence with them in their photo.

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